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Aladinerprodip: Bringing the Real Life Genie at Your Service

Ever imagined your favorite product being delivered to you only at 1 taka! Magical right? But Aladinerprodip has made this possible. No, we’re not talking about the magic lamp of Aladdin rather we’re talking about, which is a multi-vendor business delivering products at your doorsteps at a delivery charge of only one taka since 2020. This is a story of two ambitious friends who dared to dream big and are on their way to making it come true.   

Most entrepreneurs talk about wanting freedom in work and following their passion when they are asked about the reason for choosing to be an entrepreneur, rather than taking up conventional secured jobs. The founders of Aladinerprodip, Mehedi Hasan Moon and Md Abdus Salam are no different than the dreamers of that kind. Business ventures have always been their priority. Mehedi, however, has a little different back story. The need of having financial independence drove him to do something on his own. Having lost his father at the age of 4, he had to take the financial responsibility of his family. The journey has not been easy for him but the experiences and knowledge he gathered helped him later on in starting his business ventures. He is now successfully running two business startups along with Aladinerprodip.

Both Mehedi and Salam believe business startups offer people the platform to learn and develop skills, create new things, and reflect creativity and thought. They think both job and business are promising professions but picking between these two entirely depends on people’s own preferences, personal view, and satisfaction.

Mehedi and Salam started Aladinerprodip with little money in hand, but their high hopes and self-confidence helped them throughout their journey. They  initially started their business on a small scale and reinvested their profit to ensure an adequate flow of capital. Just like capital, choosing the right partner is also a crucial factor for a successful  business. Mehedi and Salam didn’t follow the conventional way to select business partners. Instead of selecting partners from the beginning, they decided to do it after starting the business. They started their venture with 10 people, but most of the partners couldn’t continue with them for personal and professional issues. In the end, it was just two of them. Afterward, they offered stock benefits to potential partners rather than providing monetary benefits like salary and incentives. According to them, it was all about observing the potential partners first and then deciding if they fit into the business.

Aladinerprodip always dreamt to create a reliable business platform for student entrepreneurs, studying in different universities and colleges. The inspiration came from seeing the new entrepreneurs struggling to establish a sustainable supply chain. Moreover, there was not any platform specially dedicated to this segment of delivery service. Mehedi and Salam noticed and grabbed this opportunity immediately. So, Salam and Mehedi came up with this unique idea of delivering products at only 1 taka delivery charge all-over Bangladesh, making Aladinerprodip the first-ever multi-vendor business to offer products at the lowest delivery cost. Instead of going into conventional promoting strategies like paid promotions, social media ads, they invested their money in giving huge discounts on delivery charges. Their strategy worked successfully because it benefited both the consumers and sellers. Because of the lower delivery cost, consumers can buy their desired products without high cost and sellers can also get their expected sales.

The marketing strategy of Aladinerprodip wasn’t anything out of the books. The entrepreneurs wanted a model that can build stronger trust among the customers without spending a large amount of capital on it. So they relied on customers to spread word of mouth. This strategy worked wonders and their name spread very quickly. Another of their strategies was to build a B2B model where they get the businesses with an existing customer base register in their network. In this way, the word of mouth strategy gained good momentum.

Mehedi and Salam officially launched Aladinerprodip in  5th august 2020, but they started doing research and planning back in 2017. The first backlash they faced when they launched their website was the sellers’ inefficiency to operate the website. They were not very much acquainted with the technicalities of online business. So, Salam and Mehedi built a team of experts who trained the sellers about all the issues related to website operation. Aladinerprodip started initially with 300 sellers, which has now grown into a team of almost 1300+ young and promising business entrepreneurs.

Mehedi and Salam share a dream mission to facilitate 1,000,000 aspiring entrepreneurs and want to create employment for at least 10,000 people within 2026. They don’t plan to establish any physical outlet very soon, rather they aspire to improve their delivery service by building local delivery hubs throughout the country. They want to go private limited from partnership business soon.

When asked for advice for new entrepreneurs, they emphasized practicing honesty and focusing on their own satisfaction in the venture. They think that an entrepreneur should never think about making a profit in the beginning, rather he or she should focus on learning and making themselves capable enough to follow their passion. Speaking from their experience, they think that proper planning, clear ideas about business scopes and areas of investment, and strong networking can work wonders for young entrepreneurs. They strongly believe that our youth have the potential to do wonders in the business sectors if they put their mind and soul into it. 

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