Research and Publication

Research and Development

Head: Fabiha Fairooz Islam
Deputy Head: Mashiyat Tafannum

Although the Research and Development wing is a fairly recent addition to our club, it has already proved its need for existence and has been constantly going through important research activities and developing sophisticated process as well as innovative methods of efficiently running Knack Nation.

The term R&D is widely linked to innovation in the corporate world. R&D allows an organization to stay ahead of its competition and without it, organizations may not survive on its own and may have to rely on other ways to innovate. Through R&D, organizations can design new methods of doing things effectively and efficiently.

  • Works to promulgate business literary contents based on its research activities.
  • Innovates long term action plans for maintaining a competitive edge.
  • Is the main source of ideas which are later implemented by the other wings.
  • Designs new methods of doing things effectively and efficiently.
  • Works towards the transformation to an integrated digital platform

R&D is separate from most operational activities performed by an organization. The research and development is typically not performed with the expectation of immediate results. Instead, it is expected to contribute to the long-term growth. The formation of this wing is different from the others because it is not comprised of any fixed member. Members are chosen based on their abilities that may come in handy during specific projects.


Fabiha Fairooz Islam Head
Mashiyat Tafannum Deputy Head
Meheru Azad Senior Executive
Fatema Tuz Zohora Executive
Tahsinul Haque Executive
Nafis Zaki Executive
Sakib Alam Executive
Muhd. Nazmus Saquib Executive
Marufujjaman Executive