Information Technology

Research and Development

Head: Md Omar Faruk 
Deputy Head: Mohtasim Haque Bhuiyan

IT wing is the most recent part of our club. Though it is a new addition to this club, its activities started with the launch of our 1st website in 2021. This wing is solely accounted for maintaining our website and the webmails.

In the current world, information technology is being widely incorporated into the system of organizations. Having a website has become necessary for the recognition of the era of the internet. We have also designed our website with functions that could show our activities to others. Our core activities are

  • Adding new pages as required
  • Connecting registration forms for events to the website
  • Handling webmails for our organizations
  • Publishing blogs written by the club members
  • Searching for innovation that is relevant to be added to the website
  • Presenting the activities of our club
  • Managing database for our members

IT wing is separated from most operational activities performed by our organization but it presents those activities to others. It is a formal platform where our activities are recorded and our members can publish their writings. It represents the whole structure of our club hierarchy and shows what we are.


Md Omar Faruk Head
Mohtasim Haque Bhuiyan Deputy Head
Md. Abdullah Karim Executive
Elma Jahan badhon Executive
Mehedi Hasan Shuvo Executive