External Affairs

Head: Kazi Anika Arefin
Deputy Head: Jannatul Ferdose Jarin

External Affairs wing plays one of the most significant roles in Knack Nation. The wing deals with various internal and mostly external stakeholders of KN to ensure smooth and polished management of different
activities of the club. The wing cooperates during various events, sessions, and competitions by ensuring qualified keynote speakers and judges to enhance the value and quality of the events and competitions. The wing dedicates itself by collaborating with experienced and knowledgeable personas for all the events considering the genre of the events.

  • The wing commits itself for effective and fruitful sponsorship and public relations
    activities. By visiting various corporate offices and communicating with many officers and employees
    the wing upholds its duty to manage the best potential sponsor and network with external stakeholders
    for future probable collaboration.

  • The wing maintains a very thriving and communicative relationship with each
    organization that has been associated with Knack Nation during various events and programs.

  • The responsibility of maintaining a smooth and coherent internal communication among
    the other wings and their executives lies on the shoulders of the communication wing.


Kazi Anika Arefin Head
Jannatul Ferdose Jarin Deputy Head
Numaira Binte Kawsar Coordinator
Asadur Rahman Turzo Executive
Md. Minhazul Hoque Apon Executive
Ashrafi Akter Maria Executive
Nusrat Jahan Nisu Executive
Md. Redwan Hossain Executive