Category: National Competition
Date: August 24 – September 25, 2020

Knack Nation has ventured to take a step toward promoting skill development among undergraduate students having been utilized their present-day time in the optimum mode amidst the pandemic,by taking a leap of faith and organizing the country’s first-ever project management based interuniversity online case competition “ProMark 2020”. Knack Nation having acknowledged the concurrent growing significance of project management on the economy has endeavored to introduce the notion for the very first time to have provided the undergraduate students the essence and prominence in the concerned context. The competition was officially set in motion on August 11, 2020, and concluded with its final battlefield on the evening of September 25, 2020. And in this journey, V-TEAC Fashion (Pvt) Limited has sponsored/ patronized to make our pursuit turn into a national success. Moreover, our Strategic Partner – Banglalink, E-learning partner – Bohubrihi, Food Partner – The Sweetsins Coffees, Youth Engagement Partner – Torun, Outreach Partner – Youth Opportunities, Media Partners – The Daily Sun and The Daily Campus were an unmentionably integral part of “ProMark 2020”, bringing a change in the window of possibilities to nourish knowledge and understanding of such a profound coexisting business concept. 1st Round: Online Case Solution. 200 participants have registered for the project management-based competition and the participants were given a case on ‘Project Management Strategy’ and they were required to solve the case and submit their solution in .doc/ .docs format within the 48 hours of equipping them with the case. 2nd Round: Project Management Strategy. After intense scrutiny of the participants’ solutions, the top 44 teams qualified for the second round. The qualified participants were given an elaborative case having marketing as its core focus and they were instructed to prepare a 360 – degree marketing plan for the case. Additionally, they were to prepare promotional contents such as – TVC, Visuals and Video contents, etc. that would help the judges understand their marketing strategies and showcase their creativity. 3rd Round: Grand Finale. After a vigorous fight in the second round, only the top 7 teams made their way to the final battleground of “ProMark 2020”. The Grand Finale took place on September 25, 2020, sharp at 3 pm on the virtual platform, Zoom. In the Grand Finale, the finalists were equipped with a comprehensive project management case provided by V-Teac Fashion (PVT) Limited, integrating all the sectors of business (Finance, Management, Strategies, and all) and they were required to prepare a full-proof business model including financials and feasibility of the given project. In other words, they had to prepare a complete project analysis and present their solution with a 10 – minutes online video presentation. The road of “ProMark 2020” was a tough one and the finalists have fought the battlefield with all their might. The ultimate crown of champion of “ProMark 2020” was marked to the ‘Hattima Tim Team’ from Bangladesh University of Professionals. ‘UNO’ from the Institute of Business Administration – Jahangirnagar University and ‘Biz Mavens’ from the University of Dhaka have respectively marked their excellency as the 1st Runner up and 2nd Runner up of “ProMark 2020”, the nation’s first-ever project management based nationwide competition.