About Us

Knack Nation, an alliance from Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, is one of the promising clubs of FBS serving the students to elevate their skills and uplift their quiescent talent. Knack Nation was founded by the students of 22nd Batch, Department of Finance on May 24, 2016. As a business club, our goal is to structure the students as the best competitor of their desired fields. A club is an incorporation of more than one individual and so maintaining a club is not a child’s play.

Distinctive wings are composed to run a club simultaneously and in an organized manner. Knack Nation has seven remarkable wings handling different segments of the clubs and working combinedly to develop the image of the club. The seven distinguishing wings of Knack Nation are Event and Finance, External Affairs, Human Resources, Publication, Research and Development, Promotion, and Designing.

Years of Journey

Our Mission

  • Developing the skills, which will be needed in the corporate sector as well as other platforms

  • Making a bridge between the fresher students and seniors that will create a long-lasting fraternity

  • Sharing news and views regarding the different achievements of our department and its students

Our Vision

  • Providing the rudimentary set of corporate skills to the students and to devise them for the journey after graduation. This is the legacy that we believe we can carry on with the help of our honorable faculty members and alumni’s support.