Head: Jeba Jerin
Deputy Head: Mahmuda Akter

Designing wing is one of the most vibrant and dynamic wings of Knack Nation by its inherent nature. All the visuals, promotional videos presented are produced by this vigorous wing. The promotion wing heavily depends on the visual contents designed and composed by these particular wing executives.

  • The wing prepares relevant visuals and sometimes promotional videos for events and competitions by understanding the core theme of the project or event.

  • Since the wing is devoted to visual contents that mostly engage external individuals for respective events, sessions, or even competitions, it is responsible for gaining broader reach with stakeholders.


Jeba Jerin Head
Mahmuda Akter Deputy Head
Khan Mohammad Arij Tajrian Executive
Tania Akter Executive
Md. Tanvir Ahmed Executive
Md. Jonayet Akbor Disha Executive
Hindol Sarkar Prangon Executive
Nusrat Jahara Executive