Promotion wing

Head: Fabliha Islam Himika
Deputy Head: Numaira Binte Kawsar

Promotion wing of a club is regarded as the wing that performs the duty of connecting people with the activities of the club and so it plays one of the most vital roles in creating a positive image of a club and its events in front of the others.
The promotion wing of Knack Nation is also playing this strong and important role since its establishment to ensure creating a respectable image of the club.
Through the performance of this wing, the activeness of the club and its ability to engage people with the club are evaluated by the others.

  • The wing manages Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profile of the club throughout the year to make students aware of the club activities and to provide them with necessary information.

  • When Knack Nation plans to launch an event, promotion wing ensures that every information and update reaches to the target audience.

  • The wing makes plans on how to make the launching of an event or any activity of the club successful.


Fabliha Islam Himika Head
Numaira Binte Kawsar Deputy Head
MD. Sakib Ahammod Executive
Rahim Islam Executive
Hasan Saumik Islam Executive
Nafesa Tabassom Executive
MD.Borhan Uddin Emon Executive