Mohd. Anisul Islam, CFA
Assistant Professor
University of Dhaka

 "I was fortunate to engage with Knack Nation, a student-led club in the University of Dhaka. I always follow the activities of this energetic club which include, but not limited to, skill development sessions, data visualization competition, and network building sessions etc. The management and members of the club have excellent set of skills and attributes to guide and prepare our students to embrace the challenges in the real world. I wish the Knack Nation be the first destination of freshers to get opportunity to unfold and showcase their hidden capabilities. "

Inam Uz Zaman

 In my opinion Knack Nation is one of the finest student clubs of the country. All of their events are extremely useful for university students. The individuals leading the club are highly energetic, proactive and competent. They always try to do something new and add dimensions that will add value to the club members. I myself had the pleasure of speaking at one of their events, and there I have seen the atmosphere they have created within the club to encourage peer-learning and continuous growth. I wish this club all the success. 

Bayezid Hasan
Strategic Project Manager

"I got the privilege to be a speaker at an webinar arranged by Knack Nation. What amazed me was the smartness of the organizers. It was an almost flawless preparation from their end. This really makes me hopeful, makes me confident about this generation. They rightly deserve the focus of the nation. They possess leadership skill, public relation skill, communicative and administrative skill. I wish them luck."