Our Activities


Knack Nation holds different types of seminars for skill development purpose e.g. NewBiesta, FBS Live, Campus Connect


Slide Fiesta, ProMark, Scriber are some signature competitions organized by Knack Nation

Intra-Club Activities

It organizes some intra-club competitions which are also aimed at skill development of its members


Members of Knack Nation often publish their blogs. Moreover, Meetup Startup is a blog published by the club which represents their story.

Latest Blogs

The Movie Industry- Now and Then

Movie Industry Back Then Back in the day, going to the movies in a theatre was one of the most popular ways for people in our country to pass the time. Commercial films such as ...

Emerging opportunities for brands in the age of influencer marketing: A Bangladesh perspective

Influencer marketing has grown in popularity and effectiveness as a means for brands to reach and engage their target consumers. In the era of social media, influencers may reach a huge and diversified audience of ...
Survivorship Bias: Stories of Failure Long Forgotten

Survivorship Bias: Stories of Failure Long Forgotten

Starting with televisions, newspapers to multiple social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram; we often come across delightful stories of success. We have heard of Mark Zuckerberg’s revolutionary tale of achieving success as a ...


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