Category: Intra Club Competition
Date: April 5-28, 2020

Knack Nation keeping up with its tradition of developing and assessing the inherent skills of its members, held “Knack Battle 2.0” in 2020. Only this time the competition format was turned into an individual competition which was a compulsory task for both the Senior Executives and Executives. “Knack Battle 2.0” was a competition organized online during the corona outbreak among the executive and senior executives of Knack Nation to foster their skills and nurture their analytical ability. Members were provided with a business case scenario and they were required to prepare their solutions within the stipulated time. Syed Mohammed Uzzal Hossain was embellished as the champion of “Knack Battle 2.0”. Rauza Hossain and Steve Fabian Bairagee became respectively the 1st Runner Up and the 2nd Runner Up of the intra-club competition “Knack Battle 2.0”.


Category: Intra Club Competition
Date: July 2-24, 2018

Knack Nation leaves no stones unturned to pave its way for skill development among the club executives. Knack Nation organized its first intra-club competition “Knack Battle 1.0” in 2018 to elevate the culture of skill development among the executives that will ultimately add value and growth for the club and its internal functional activities. This intraclub planning competition was designed for team participation so that club members could develop their understanding with each other. The champion trophy went to the team ‘All Clear’ (Samira Tanzim Jahin, Rabeya Khatun Ononna, Steve Fabian Bairagee). The teams ‘A Random Group’ (Jamilur Reza Efty, Parsha Sanjana, Shaikh Saifullah Khalid) and ‘Last Minute (Md. Khan Atef, Khadija Siddika, Al Muktadir) stood respectively the 1st and 2nd runner-up of “Knack Battle 1.0”.