Head: Shajnin Mahbub
Deputy Head: Ahana Saha Tithy

Publication is one of the most vital and active wings of Knack Nation with a bunch of amazing people. The wing takes the responsibility of writing formal emails to external stakeholders of KN, preparing sponsorship proposals during launching a big-budget event. Moreover, the wing executives prepare captions for any visuals posted from the official social media pages of KN, meeting briefs, and meeting agendum based on the details discussed in the meeting.

  • Publication wing executives write captions whenever the club publishes any visual from its official social media pages. Besides, the club arranges meeting with all of its executives regularly. This wing has to prepare meeting agendas beforehand to conduct these meetings covering all the necessary details and meeting briefs after the meeting covering all the essential facts that were discussed in the meeting.

  • Publication wing writes formal emails to its stakeholders such as an invitation to the guest speaker/speakers to join a particular session to be held by KN, an invitation to our alumni, or an email for a sponsorship proposal.

  • The wing gathers all kinds of necessary documents along with a formal sponsorship proposal on behalf of the club upholding its value and integrity of the event to be launched towards the potential sponsors while launching any event.

  • Publication wing prepares any upcoming event details with the purpose of giving it an eye-catching look covering all the relevant facts and details required to be provided to the targeted audience and readers.


Shajnin Mahbub Head
Ahana Saha Tithy Deputy Head
Maimuna Mazaffar Senior Executive
Mashiyat Tafannum Senior Executive
Mst. Shanjida Akter Senior Executive
Nowshin Fariha Senior Executive