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What Kdrama did to Me

As cliche as it may sound, I am a huge fan of kdrama. With that being said, I’m very selective about it too. Since I’ll be investing a pretty good amount of time watching it, I make sure I don’t  waste my time watching anything that wouldn’t make much sense to me. I know people wouldn’t agree with me on this but I am very much aware of how and where I’ll be spending my time.

After some analysis, my mind got stuck on the slice-of-life genre. Kdrmas of this genre has everything that I looked for while being entertained. From relatable storylines to humorous conversations between characters who feel just like us, slice-of-kdramas are a perfect  blend of entertainment. To be very honest, I got into  kdrama at a time where  all I wanted was to escape from my realities. And slice-of-time kdrama triggered me to the point that I really wanted to see what happened to those characters that I could relate to the most. I know real life isn’t like the ones in stories but some characters and stories actually changed my perspective on life  and allowed me to see my situations from a different angle along with helping me to understand people better.

To list a few of favorites would be blaspheming because it’s a pretty long list. Starting off with Reply 1988 which showcases the love, relationships and bonding with your family, siblings and those childhood besties. Before watching this series, I had 0 to no clue of understanding my surrounding loved ones. I did know that I loved them but didn’t know how I could understand them. As they say in the books & movies, trying to understand someone is the truest form of love. And that is my biggest takeaway from this series.

Another one would be the Hospital Playlist. As the name suggests, it is a medical drama but not your typical one where they only perform surgeries in their own medical language. It showcases the mundane lives of all the medical field workers which makes you realize that they are just as normal human beings like us with stories to tell. Along with valuing the present moment of your loved ones, it also tells you that life doesn’t need to happen at the specific time table sorted out by the society. For some it might be, for some like us, it doesn’t work like that. 

To name others favorites, that showcases the stage of life we all are in at the moment would be record of Youth, Misaeng, My Mister and a lot more. 

You might have guessed it by now, kdrama isn’t just a form of entertainment for me. I see these dramas to change my perspectives on life, people and be better at being the person I aspire to become. The person I am today, kdrama has definitely played its role in my life and I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am for the story writers for producing such works.

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