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The Literary Remedy: A Journey From Stress To Serenity

Once upon a time in the bustling heart of a prestigious university, there lived a young and ambitious student named Chitra. She was BBA Finance major and was known for her uncompromising pursuit of academic excellence, but the pressure of her studies was taking its toll. The never-ending stream of assignments, exams, and group projects had left her feeling fatigued, stressed, and utterly exhausted. Before getting into university, Chitra was involved in so many extra-curricular activities at a time. Besides being the topper of the college, she was a bookworm, was a singer, dancer, debater, reciter, writer, anchor and so on. Life of her was full of color; she was never bored of anything. After beginning her under-grad life, she rarely had time for any other thing than studies. Her life became confined in formulas, numbers and financial models. Her room was filled with textbooks, sticky-notes and her schedule was full of assignments and tests. One day while passing through the campus, Chitra noticed a poster about a seminar on ‘Literature & Books’ by a prominent book club which will be held on tomorrow at Central Library . In the poster, they promised ‘an escape from the daily grind of academics’. That very specific line made Chitra curious and as a bibliophile she got attracted by the promotional poster too. And so she decided to attend the seminar. On the next day she went to the library and found so many students from various majors. At that time, they were discussing about a classic novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” As the discussion began, Chitra found herself engrossed in the story and the characters. It was a delightful escape from the world of finance and financial statements. She realized that for the first time in a long while, she was not thinking about her coursework or upcoming exams. The book club became a special place for Chitra. Each week, they explored new books, from fun stories like “Alice in Wonderland” to romantic tales like “Pride and Prejudice.” The books, along with the lively discussions and the amazing friends she made in the club, began to work like magic in her monotonous life. The characters of different books and their journeys allowed her to step into different worlds, experience their joys and sorrows, and gain valuable insights into human nature. She started finding peace & comfort in the words and gradually Literature became a balm for her weary soul.
She still dedicated herself to her finance studies, but she no longer let the academic pressure consume her entirely. Instead, she found balance, and her regained love for books provided her with the mental and emotional courage to face academic challenges without getting panicked. As her final exams approached, Chitra revisited her favorite book, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The themes of justice and compassion in the story inspired her, and she felt more determined than ever. Thus she boosted up her confidence and appeared in the exam fearlessly a refreshed mind. When the results were announced, Chitra was nervous. But she became overjoyed to see that her hard work paid off. She got outstanding grades. Thus, ‘The Literary Remedy’ had gifted her with the power to harmonize the duties and demands of her as a finance major along with the tranquility she needed to thrive. And as she looked ahead to her future, she believed her path of life would be balanced with wisdom and serenity, guided by the words that had rescued her from the edge of hopelessness and extreme unhappiness.

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