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Revolution in the Marketing Industry: Traditional System to Digital System

A survey of (2021) states that the amount of television users in the world till 2020 is 1.67 billion, while the number of mobile users is 3.8 billion. Nowadays, because of globalization, businesses are expanding their industry outside their national border. When all is being digitalized, there have been plenty of changes in the marketing strategies of the companies. Digital marketing takes over the conventional marketing method.

Traditional marketing relies on the offline strategy. There are many traditional marketing methods: newspaper and magazine ads, newsletters, Tv ads, radio ads, referrals, billboards, catalogue, text message, etc. Traditional marketing is expensive and ineffective. Traditional marketing techniques have lots of disadvantages, and it is not as an effect as digital marketing; that’s why marketers prefer digital marketing. Some traditional marketing techniques are still used, but most of the traditional techniques have been taken over by digital marketing techniques.

Digital marketing system means letting the customer know about a company’s product or service, its features, price, and other necessary things online, aiming to influence the consumer to buy the product or service of that company. There are lots of techniques of digital marketing. These are websites, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, Banner ads, google ads, electronic billboards, video production, app development, branding, etc.

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The digital marketing system has lots of advantages. That is why they are taking over the traditional marketing methods. Some of the advantages are given below:

Mass marketing to Targeted marketing:

In traditional marketing, Marketers can only use demographic segmentation in their marketing strategy, which is not very much effective as they cannot attract or engage all kinds of consumers. But in a digital marketing system, marketers can use all kinds of segmentation: Psychographic segmentation, geographic segmentation, behavioral segmentation, and demographic segmentation. They use different types of segmentation where it fits or suitable.

Reduce cost:

Traditional marketing system is costly whereas digital marketing system is not so expensive. It costs lots of expense to print 3 or 4 pages of ads in a famous newspaper or magazine. It is limited only for an edition. In the new addition, marketers must pay further for their advertisement, so it costs huge expense. But in the case of social media ads its doesn’t cost so much.


Traditional marketing takes a lot of time. For example, printing ads in newspapers or magazines takes a lot of time as there need rounds of edit and you cannot edit the ad once it is done. But in the social media ad is less time-consuming. It takes time to design the ad, but it does not take much time to publish the ad, and it is easily editable.


Traditional marketing isn’t easily measurable. For example, a marketer can’t accurately measure how many readers read his advertisement in a newspaper. So he can’t easily understand if his marketing strategy attracted the customer or not. But in digital marketing, the marketer can see how many people have seen the ads and how many clicked on the ads and engaged by the ads. By seeing the results, they can understand if their marketing strategy was effective enough or not.

Since traditional marketing techniques have lots of disadvantages, Marketers are now more into Digital marketing techniques. Nowadays, marketers tend to invest less in print media like newspapers, weekly magazines etc. Instead, nowadays, marketers are more into investing in websites and social media. Instead of investing in traditional billboards, marketers nowadays more investing in digital billboards, which attracts the customer more. As a result, traditional billboards are going to extinct.

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A report by expresses that the UK’s revenues of print media from advertising have fallen by over 50% in the last ten years, ith businesses spending increases in social media rather than printed media now. The statistic indicates that print media revenues from ads in 2011 amounted to 1.22 billion, down to 0.49 billion pounds in 2020. (Statista, 2021).

Previously, companies used to arrange exhibitions and conferences to show the consumer their product and teach them how to use them. It was costly, time-consuming, and they could not target lots of customers. But nowadays, marketers use content marketing, whereas they upload various pictures and videos on social about a product or service’s features, its using method. This method is not that costly; instead, it is attractive also. It is not time-consuming and can engage lots of target customers.

Formerly, Marketers used Tv ads to promote their product or service, which is expensive and not so effective. But nowadays, they use social media ads, and website ads, pop-up marketing, which is less expensive and engage lots of consumers. Tv ads have not extinct fully. Still, companies invest vast amounts of money on Tv ads, but the amount is not the same as 10 or 20 years ago. Social media marketing has taken over a large portion of the TV ad.

Search engine optimization is another technique of digital marketing. When people need something or want to know about a product or service, they search on the internet. Every company now has its websites where they exhibit their product and services. Search engine optimization improves the quantity and quality of a website’s traffic. It helps a company to show its website on the top of the search result. Companies now invest a huge amount in this. Many other digital marketing methods are taking over traditional marketing methods, and companies are frequently using these.