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Music & Minds

Can you think of anything that gets manipulated very easily? I guess there are many examples that are going on in your head. But the prominent thing that gets influenced very rapidly is our minds. Human minds are the most complicated thing on earth. There are tons of things that are responsible for influencing our minds. Among them, music is a powerful substance. Music is not merely a form of art. It is a therapy. Any musical tune can change our mood in seconds. Music has uncountable forms. It also encompasses a wide range of elements and features. Such as sound, rhythm, harmony, melody, lyrics so on. 

People listen to music not just for the sake of entertainment. Many of us consider it as a stress relieving property. Our minds need to be free of stress, anxiety & depression. Music plays a major role in this regard. There are various ways through which music can help us grow, heal and live. Music influences our emotions. It helps us forget all the stress and anxieties. It improves our concentration and productivity. The lyrics that we find powerful and relevant help us reflect on our own emotions and experiences. Music has been playing a dominating role in the rich culture of Indian sub-continent since forever. It has evolved over the time in a very harmonic manner. There has been a major shift in the taste of music through the generations. During nineteenth centuries, the music of this region incorporated classical, pop, western, folk rock and other genres.  In the contemporary era, the fusion and experimentation has resulted in indie-pop, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, rap and many more genres of music. 

Music has been the greatest influence in my life. I cannot pass a day without listening to any AR. Rahman, Anjan Dutt, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Moheener Ghoraguli, Gulzar’s songs. I am writing this article while listening to Arnob.  Music has taught me to do any task ignoring the difficulties coming on my way whilst working. I just need to listen to songs such as Chhaiyan Chhaiyan, Kajra re, Chikni Chameli, Neela, any songs by Coke Studio Bangla or any hip-hop, pop song during exams to get energized and relief stress. As soon as the exam is over soothing songs help me forget how awful my exam was. Although I have never been in a romantic relationship till now, the romantic songs by Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Hemanta Mukherjee, Kabir Suman, Kailash Kher and many more makes me feel like I am the main character. I also play violin to escape from all the monotony which are bestowed upon me by my alma mater. Whenever I feel down or I miss home I listen to the songs that my mother listens to in every Friday morning. It works like magic. Wherever I am, whatever I do, music is a constant. 

How can anybody not love music? It is an integral part of human life. Music helps me neglect all the chaos around me. Whenever I forget my headphones at home, I feel utterly miserable. One can fix his or her mood within seconds if he listens to the right song on the right time. Since everyone has varied musical tastes and emotional responses, the impact of music on your mood might vary greatly from person to person. In addition, the environment in which you listen to music and your emotional state at the time might have an impact on how a specific song or genre makes you feel.

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