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Maintain Relationship? Save Career?

There would be no Apple, no Microsoft, no Amazon without her. Rashad, a CFO, was admired by many colleagues because of his work ethic. But few saw how Rashad avoided spending any time at home, where his wife was glued to the television, leaving their four children to act out constantly. To cope with such stress, Rashad had extramarital affairs in the office. This act nearly cost him his job.

Failed relationships can cost the individuals concerned, the organizations they work in and even society as a whole. A Prince or Princess Charming is as scarce as hen’s teeth. Because of committing messy as well as imperfect people in life who want different things at different times, all relationships become messy as well as imperfect. We should know ourselves really, really well to figure out what really matters at the end of the day. Also, if we can recognize our own weaknesses, we may grow more tolerant of other people’s faults. Instead of looking for Mr and Ms Perfect, we should look for Mr and Ms Good Enough.

We can’t deny that physical attractiveness is often behind the desire to date someone in the first place. Finding someone attractive can make for fun times. But long-term commitment needs intimacy of a very different order than just want. According to some research, this stage of infatuation lasts only up to three years. What do you believe might happen to your career options then?

If you are feeling incomplete, do not mislead yourself that having a partner will solve your problem. In stable or mature relationships, two people with their own identity, perspectives as well as interests do things by and for themselves on their own time.

Most people mention trust in the context of jealousy. If trust is broken through an affair, it obviously takes quite some time to rebuild it. However, trust goes much more extensive than questions of fidelity. It is critical to any relationship, be it in your personal or professional life. Are you sure that your (business or love) partner will hang in there when the going gets tough? Strong relationships are also built on mutual respect. This means you admire your spouse’s intellect and creativity. Failing mutual respect, each party may start hiding the truth for fear of criticism, so that secrets become par for the course. This kind of dynamic nearly sank a giant like Nokia. Moreover, lack of mutual respect opens the door wide for situations like infidelity in your personal life.

As flawed human beings, we all make errors. Your partner will make errors too. That’s why growing the ability to forgive is critical for lasting relationships. Once you plant seeds of anger, they can grow into a level of discontent that will break your relationship. Forgiveness allows you to move beyond your hurt and guilt, to heal and to grow.

Individual space is crucial in any relationship. However, some people are scared of giving the other freedom as well as independence. Often, this derives from insecurity or a lack of trust. The more uncomfortable you are with your self-worth, the more you may attempt to control your spouse’s behavior. In a relationship, each of you should have your own interests, hobbies and friends. While a degree of overlap is significant, having different interests means you will always have something to talk about. Always remember to balance time together with time for yourself.

In a couple, when something bothers both parties, they must be willing to have conversations which is not comfortable and speak up. Whether at work or at home, these relevant conversations raise trust which in turn build intimacy. When things aren’t working well in your relationship, instead of talking about it with other people, it’s most important talking it out with your partner. We can’t deny that there will be arguments in every relationship. The question is not how you can avoid them, but how you will deal with them when they happen. Resist the urge to be right. Whatever the problem may be, making your partner feel like a loser won’t solve anything. 

When you devote yourself to someone, you have no idea who they will be in five or ten years. As time passes, you will both evolve in unexpected and different ways. But whatever those changes turn out to be, always welcome your spouse’s growth as well as development. Moreover, you should never cease to work on yourself. The key is to find a way to involve your partner in this process. 

A good relationship can assist you rise in your career. Considering the challenges ahead, it’s essential for you to find and to be a life partner who is fully supportive. As a person follows his dreams and desires, his spouse can either be his greatest support system or his worst burden.



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