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Curtailed Mirror

A pink satin curtain is moving with the wind like ocean waves, within its limits, bounded by the wooden window; no extravagancy. Ren has learnt to crawl down from her bed. But today, she is very busy with something else. She is enjoying the curtain touching her face, moving back and forth. After a while, Mrs. Pink, the curtain named by Ren, couldn’t keep her busy anymore. Hence, her baby steps are now making their way down the bed. Her trembling feet want to give up but her excitement keeps her going. Little Ren, every inch of her body, every inch of her heart is excited to grow, to see more. But for now, her tiny hands are touching their reflection, locking the stars of excitement in her eyes on the mirror.

She is staring at herself. She might not know that it is her in the mirror. But whoever is standing before her, she loves. Her laughter knows no bound right now. She’s laughing; she’s touching the mirror brushing her cheeks and nose against it. She is doing whatever she can to express how happy she is to see herself, to feel her existence.

Her tired feet have now given up as she sits on the floor. Suddenly, her eyes get locked on a pair of eyes of a doll, nicely dressed like an angel. Ren has stopped smiling. The aura her smile was inheriting seems to be gone.

It looks like the starting of a horror scenario. The doll is either scaring little Ren or astonishing her. How could one even understand? She is just a little girl who hasn’t even learnt to speak yet. She stood up again to touch the source of her astonishment. She picked up the doll which is almost of her size. She keeps staring at its eye balls as it was different from the eyes that she has seen in the mirror but yet, they look alike.

Mrs. Pink is trying to get to her but she is far away. It seems like her having a new company doesn’t make Mrs. Pink feel safe. In the mean time, Ren is lost in those eyes, totally captured. She can see that the doll is wearing a white gown with red ribbon. It has a beautiful rose shaped pin on her hair. Ren stares at the mirror this time. She finds the reflection wearing nothing but a faded blue baby frock. Her impulsiveness shows up on her face. She doesn’t like her dark skin anymore which enhances her beauty. She is lost in the world that the doll has shown her. She is lost in the realization that she is not the most beautiful one. The charm on her face is gone completely. The doll is pointing out every dissimilarity, turning into imperfections for Ren. Her own existence is suffocating her.

Mrs. Pink seems to see Ren’s sadness through the curls of her hair. The wind has stopped blowing. The silence is becoming louder than Ren’s laughter when she stared at her own reflection. For the last time, Ren is touching the face of the girl in the mirror, with the doll in her arms. Suddenly, the sound of the pin’s falling on the floor grabs Ren’s attention. She picks it up putting the doll on the floor. She is now sitting down on the floor hovering over the doll with the pin in her tiny hand. It has been a while like this. She keeps staring at herself and then at the doll. Suddenly a change of energy in her tiny body appears. She holds the pin tightly. She picks up the doll and starts pinning it again and again till it is ripped apart, till her imperfections turn into beauty. Till her love for herself stays uninterrupted, incomparable.